Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Elite Miniatures Russian 1805 - 07 Jaegers

Wonderfully crisp sculpts and castings.

Just a quick post today to highlight some delightful sculpts from the talented Peter Moreby from Elite Miniatures.  These are the Jaegers from the Russian 1805 range that Elite do so well.  I have a number of skirmishers based like this as well as three other units in close order to represent advanced elements of any Russian force I put into the field for this period.

These are organised into 8 man skirmishing units

I particularly like the crouching/kneeling chap reloading his weapon

The three units are all 32 figures strong plus a mounted officer which I always like to add into my units in homage to the wonderful Napoleonic units at the Wargames Holiday Centre.  Those shots in the magazines so much influenced my thoughts onto how a Napoleonic wargame should look.

Lovely plate I saw on the web - as you can see I prefer the apple style green colour of the
uniforms of the Jaegers for this period rather than the dark green of the later years.

A few more bits and pieces to go and then the main Russian infantry and Guard get an outing.