Friday, 5 September 2014

Crossroads - US forces in Normandy 1944

"That way buddy!".  Motorcycle riding MP directs traffic at the crossroads.  Dodge Deuce Trucks transporting troops to the front and also picking up the occassional stranded paratrooper as well!! 

Thought I would post a few shots of the continuing US forces on the build for Battlegroup Overlord, Chain of Command etc.  The models are all Bolt Action from Warlords and are lovely resin and white metal vehicles which are a delight to paint.

Easy models to paint - I believe this one without the tarpaulin is actually a model from Company B but need to check.

The Greyhound is a BA model with all of them having the correct armoured division marking etc.

Lovely Blacktree US troops purchased from the very talented Paul Darnell's collection many years ago.  These chaps actually had a starring role and appeared in his excellent WW2 Touching History publication.
 The photograph above shows some grunts looking for a ride as they rush through the churchyard - hopefully there may be some room on those Deuces!

Rear view of the vehicles.
These are part of the growing force that we are building in order to play an entire array of rules both at home and at the club.  We are most enamoured of the Battlegroup Overlord rules as we enjoy the wide variety of vehicles and support units available etc.

More to follow as soon as time allows.