Thursday, 17 December 2015

Chain of Command walk-through at the NWS

The set up for our game.  Patrol markers are already on the move. 

A few of us got together on Wednesday night to have another concerted push in using Chain of Command as our World War 2 rules of choice.  With the boys on school holidays and Big Chris ready to join us in the game, it was time to dust off the figures and terrain and get the basics right.

Some scratch built buildings designed specifically for the Ardennes.  They will suit tonight!

The view from the British right flank

Some Foundry Early War British are pressed into service to take on the Bosch!

A pair of opposing sections find shelter in their respective front yards

First Corps Germans advance across the hedges

With a blue counter representing shock they scamper to the tree line

These chaps don't quite get there as quickly! This could be a problem.

"Hans get ready to lay some heavy fire you dumbkoff!"

Advancing sections towards the rear of the building.  Need to re-glue that fence!

A corporal tries to get his section organised before the fire fight commences.

Painted by the talented Nathan at Lonely Gamers many years ago - 15 years Vinnie?

Still look great as a section.  Love the animation.

These lads don't want to advance...but why?

Things seem a bit clearer now - shall we maybe enter the building lads?

This section caused all kinds of trouble for the British attempting to flank.

As you can see!

Now on the second story the Germans have the advantage of height and the scope to influence a large part of the battle field.

Cookie, Wardy and Marty were also playing CoC on the next table.  Great to see.

Our Senior Ranking Officer attempts to rectify the situation however things have gone somewhat pear shaped.  In the background the 2" mortar is attempting to lay smoke.

A bit of menace in those faces.

The game was a great success, especially for the German players in Alex and Chris.  Ben and I had a wonderful time and will play again very soon, this time with supports just to ease our way into the game.  It was also great to have an old NWS member who has moved back to Perth in Stan ably helping us with rule interpretations etc.

He has been playing CoC with the Trailape himself old Scotty D so his understanding of the rules and his advice to the younger players was well appreciated. Waggas loss is our gain.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Alexander the Great

Favourite cover -art of all time

Just a quick post to do do two things:

Firstly show off my favourite piece of artwork that graced the cover of Peter Connolly's books which I was entranced by as a young schoolboy from the local Midland Library.

Secondly to post some images I have on file of my own Alexander the Great in action over the years.

Clash of Empires - Alexander prepares to do battle against those dastardly Persians in the plains.

The Great Man prepares to lead an assault...what else would you expect!

These were an exceptional pickup from Hinds Figures back in the early 2000's. 

Posing as Eumenes this time.  Sorry Demetrius but you are a goner!! 

You can never have enough Persians when fighting the might of Macedonia.

The figures a collection of Foundry and Vendel miniatures however in the background there are Essex, Old Glory, First Corps etc.  All great figures in a period which is very well catered for by wargames figure manufacturers.

Just a trip down memory lane lads.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Bridge at Bazile

A British brigade looks on as the Franco-Bavarians advance

A very quick post with a few happy snaps of the game we played last night set in Northern Germany.  The scenario, which we played with Black Powder and the supplement "The Last Argument of Kings", involved 600 points of Anglo-Dutch defending a vital bridge across the river from 1000 points of Franco-Bavarian troops.

Dutch battalions prepare to volley their French enemy.

On the Dutch right flank the French push forward aggressively

The flank is looking slightly open isn't it?

A view from the French lines showing the bridge and the excellent buildings of Martins.

"Onward mon amie to victory!"

It was a great fun game which ended with the Anglo-Dutch losing their flanking brigades to poor morale and the 2nd Brigade of Dutch being forced to withdraw.  The French will be drinking mosel in the manors of Bazile this very night!

Thanks for a great game Steve and Marty!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Battle at Green Fields - ECW Pike and Shotte

Field of battle with Scots and Royalists fighting the forces of the people!

Last Saturday was an ideal opportunity to have a wonderful day of gaming at the NWS.

Cookie, Martin, Steve, Guido and myself took the opportunity to have a Blackpowder game using the wonderful Pike and Shotte rules which we have very much been enjoying recently at the club.  With everyone else bringing the figures for a change, I was very happy to play a minor role on the flank and try not to do too much that would prove disastrous. 

Setting up was devoid of terrain tiles which made things a bit easier.  Who remembers chalkboard paint???

The boys prepare their plans!

Lovely Scots Covenantors that I used to own but with Steve now.

Steve and Martin start the war of words.

Guidos lovely figures including some Thirty Years War rings ins take up position.

The Royalist centre awaits the impending bombardment

Martins lovely Redoubt ECW figures

My command on the left flank

Early combat between Parliamentarian horse and Scots swill!!

The Scots blunder early and advance at full pelt onto the enemy lines.

"Onward and upward lads"

Beautifully painted by Big Chris, these Renegade Royalists are wonderful figures to look and play with. 
Lovely figures Cookie!!

Good support is essential in the Pike and Shotte rules

The game was a cracker with so much action happening after lunch the photographic duties were forgotten.

Wonderful day of gaming capped by a winning draw to the men of least that's our story!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

In praise of terrain

Rubber lichen, home made roads and horsehair trees...brilliant!

Just a quick post of some photographs taken a while ago of a Chain of Command  game at the club a while back.

Anyone whoever visits Pat "The Silver Whistle" can not help but be inspired by his wonderful terrain ideally suited for these games.  He is brilliant and his tutorials are second to none.  These are our amateur attempts to do something on a much less grans or spectacular (or talented!!) scale.

However we are very happy with it.

Wider view of the same section.

Homemade building by Lev.  Bloody talented chap!