Thursday, 15 October 2015

In praise of terrain

Rubber lichen, home made roads and horsehair trees...brilliant!

Just a quick post of some photographs taken a while ago of a Chain of Command  game at the club a while back.

Anyone whoever visits Pat "The Silver Whistle" can not help but be inspired by his wonderful terrain ideally suited for these games.  He is brilliant and his tutorials are second to none.  These are our amateur attempts to do something on a much less grans or spectacular (or talented!!) scale.

However we are very happy with it.

Wider view of the same section.

Homemade building by Lev.  Bloody talented chap!


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    1. Cheers Rodger and thanks for your always positive comments - greatly appreciated!

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    1. Cheers Paul - thanks for popping past. Are you all Napoleoniced out yet? You seem to still be a whirlwind of activity on teh site buddy.

  3. Great aesthetics. 28mm I'm thinking?

    von Peter himself

    1. Yes indeed young Mr Peter H - the scale of choice for we stylish, blind as a bat wargamers of a particular vintage :^)

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