Sunday, 30 November 2014

...and now for something a little different.

These are a very, very interseting set of rules!
I love wargaming!

I enjoy the researching of historical periods, the collection of figures, the investigation into uniforms and standards they fought under and the tactics they used.  I also enjoy the basing of these figures once painted and the battles we can play with our friends and other gaming companions in a fun and relaxing atmosphere (that's right I rarely play competitions).

However another fascinating aspect of the hobby which is truly very fulfilling and satisfying, is the opportunity to converse and correspond with wargamers all over the globe.  We all have such a wonderful hobby in common and hence dicsussiobs are often like talking to a good mate down at the club.

One such fellow is the very famous Simon Miller a.k.a The Big Red Bat at

Simon is famous the globe over for his wonderful grand manner style Ancients games that he runs in conjunction with the Aventine Miniatures and the Wargmes, Soldiers and Strategy aficionados of the hobby.

He has now self-published an electronic version of his wonderful rule set "To The Strongest".  Having been privy to the machinations of Simon's versions, proofing and his meticulous attention to detail I HIGHLY recommend thees rules to all gamers who enjoy a fast playing battle with rules that are simple to rule however which have a very subtle and distinct tactical edge to them.

The grid based system is one which I strongly believe is a breakthrough in terms of large scale demonstration or "Battle Day Games" where thousands of figures are involved and you want to attract the entire plethora of gamers, fringe gamers and those who may well be enticed in joining this wonderful hobby.

Cannot wait to play Guido in a game soon.