Wednesday, 30 May 2018

"What a Tanker!" at the NWS

El Presidente Simon looks on suitably whilst his red wine breathes behind him.  The extremely creative Lev looks for a
different angle to take his latest snapshot masterpiece!

Young Stan is doing his best to help add some diverse and fun games to the Napoleonic Wargaming Society and he and Lev decided to put on a wonderful game on Wednesday night.

The latest release from the very talented "Too Fat Lardies" stable is "What a Tanker!" - a set of fast play beer and pretzel style game where you play the part of a tank commander doing your very best to get some kills on the board whilst keeping your own armoured coffin in the best shape possible.

The game was a wonderful spectacle with the very, very talented Lev showcasing some more of his wonderful gaming mats and models and Stanley showing off some of his gear as well.

A Stug of Cookies lays low whilst observing the desert terrain ahead

Lovely looking vehicle though my photo really does not do it justice

Wonderful Matilda commanded by Big Chris.

Steve Y thought that Cookies Stug had been to a "bris" as it really did look a little "cut down".  I
personally found that hilarious and proved a distraction for the actual players for several minutes!

Though I didn't play in the game it seems to have a fair bit to be enthusiastic about.  Well done Stan.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

French 1805 Foot Artillery

Elite Miniatures make some beautiful figures
Now that the Russians are starting to near total, if that can ever actually happy for a wargamer, completion, I wanted to start on some elements of the early French.  What better way to get them moving along than basing up some of "Napoleons daughters" in preparation for the allied attacks at Stare Vinohardy etc.

In my opinion the 1805 French range is the finest of all the Elite Miniatures in the catalogue.

As mentioned in the caption above, I strongly feel that the 1805 French range has so much variety, animation and character in every figure that it is by far the ebst of all the Elite Miniature ranges.  I am not sure if it was because it was the first range he sculpted or not however the range of infantry and artillery in particular is great.

The larger bases in homage to the "Military Gentlemen" himself John Ray who uses this method for his batteries.

Imagine charging into those things!

The Elite cannons are certainly large and look like they would inflict some significant carnage

A Russian battery I completed a while back with the protruding base to accommodate the rather
wonderful pair of crew with the sponge down the barrel.

The first time I put the Russian artillery images up  on FB it caused a polarising range of comments; many loved the diversity however others couldn't believe that the non-regular basing edges would suit a wargame.  Each opinion valid and as I always say, whatever floats your boat.

For me I think they look sensational.  I will replicate this for my Peninsular collection of figures.
Russian tiles as blinds for General D'Armee

Thursday, 10 May 2018

More Austerlitz Russian preparations...and the French make a quick appearance.

Preparation for a nice Divisional Command stand - all Elite Miniatures

The project continues on as the Russians part of the endeavours now starts to come to a conclusion.

Another skirmisher base in preparation

Some bicorne wearing French artillerists from Elite Miniaturesption

Monday, 7 May 2018

Preparations for Mont St. Jean and Quatre Bras

The Prince of Orange with his entourage ready for command at Quatre Bras

The next few weeks will see two games being played upstairs in the wargames room at home.

They both will General D'Armee Napoleonic games as they are certainly the rules of choice for my battles since their release.

They also will both be based within the 1815 campaign as the very clever Dave Brown prepares to release, through Reiswitz Publishing, a PDF of six battles of the Hundred Days.  How wonderful.

For both battles there will be a fair amount of both British and Allied troops, all of which I have already painted and based through my gaming with the excellent General De Brigade in the past.  However anyone who has played GdA knows that the use of ADC's and skirmishers is an important aspect of the rules. 

Belgian Flank companies in skirmisher bases

Another photo in far better morning light.  What a difference it makes.

Some Militia skirmishers

Another angle with another light source/

My Dutch-Belgian Brigade which will be that of Byljandt did not have any skirmishers at all so a quick order to Perry Miniatures and a few rushed licks of paint and they will now have some if required.

This Prince of Orange stand actually appears in Dave's General De Brigade volume - nice command set.

A view the French hope to see during the Quatre Bras re-fight

So the first will be Mont St. Jean hopefully commencing this weekend.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Smolensk Grenadier Battalion on the Workbench

Elite Miniatures Russian Grenadiers ready for a good bayonet charge!

It has been quite hectic work wise lately and though I have still found some time to spend an hour or so at the painting desk, it has proved difficult to post anything on the blog.

However rest assured that I have not been slack in my efforts and the ongoing 1805-07 project, and specifically the Russian element of it, has continued to progress.

The Smolensk Regiment, of which I had last month completed the one Musketeer battalion, has been the focus of my attention.  These were part of Miladoravich's IV Column and fought strongly with the Austrian elements against the French General Van Damme around the surrounds of the Pratzen.

I used to dislike that particular Elite Miniatures horse pose as it was always difficult to get to stay in position due to
the weight all being in its front.  It would topple over often on the base after I thought I had secured it successfully. 
However I have grown to really like using it to depict the mounted Colonel of a foot battalion leaning forward in
the saddle and urging his men forward at the double to meet the enemy with some cold steel.

The chaos in technicolour which is my painting desk!

A not so good photo of a newly painted brigade command stand

Two more new command stands once again proving that my photographic skills...or lack at the
very least wonderfully consistent!

The figure in the white uniform is absolutely inspired by Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky one of the
main characters of Tolstoys "War and Peace".

Another view of my out of focus Brigade Commander

Next will be the final basing of this battalion, the last remaining bits and pieces of the two Russian batteries and then another command stand.

Getting there slowly.