Wednesday, 30 May 2018

"What a Tanker!" at the NWS

El Presidente Simon looks on suitably whilst his red wine breathes behind him.  The extremely creative Lev looks for a
different angle to take his latest snapshot masterpiece!

Young Stan is doing his best to help add some diverse and fun games to the Napoleonic Wargaming Society and he and Lev decided to put on a wonderful game on Wednesday night.

The latest release from the very talented "Too Fat Lardies" stable is "What a Tanker!" - a set of fast play beer and pretzel style game where you play the part of a tank commander doing your very best to get some kills on the board whilst keeping your own armoured coffin in the best shape possible.

The game was a wonderful spectacle with the very, very talented Lev showcasing some more of his wonderful gaming mats and models and Stanley showing off some of his gear as well.

A Stug of Cookies lays low whilst observing the desert terrain ahead

Lovely looking vehicle though my photo really does not do it justice

Wonderful Matilda commanded by Big Chris.

Steve Y thought that Cookies Stug had been to a "bris" as it really did look a little "cut down".  I
personally found that hilarious and proved a distraction for the actual players for several minutes!

Though I didn't play in the game it seems to have a fair bit to be enthusiastic about.  Well done Stan.


  1. Lovely looking armour and terrain!
    Best Iain

    1. Yes I was very envious Iain. It looked even better in person.

  2. Cool desert terrain and tanks. What a Tanker sure is every where lately. I might eventually pick up the rules for something to do with my 15mm WWII tanks that are mostly idle these days. 😀

    1. They are very cool looking tanks and terrain Syew that’s for sure. The rules look like good gun however I don’t think they will be for me in truth as I do prefer the larger style games. Having said that the lads seemed to be having a very good time.

  3. Lovely terrain and photos Carlo. Great to see a Lee Grant on the table!

    1. Hi James - yes the whole collection of Stans with some additional pieces from Lev is pretty special indeed.