Monday, 23 October 2017

General D'Armee 1815 battle at the NWS

Rifles advance and reform to the left as the French move on.

After much procrastination and even more busy work schedules the planets aligned for Cookie and I to take our Napoleonic's out of the box and give Dave Browns excellent new set of rules "General D'Armee" a run at the club.

The battle was to be a simple four brigades a side of roughly equivalent style forces so that we could see how well we could get our heads around the innovative command and control system.

Fighting on a 12 x 6 which was also a chance to try out my 13 x 7 cloth from Deep Cut Studios

First British Brigade

Dutch Belgians in reserve situated in the centre

The game requires ADC's to be sent to respective commands to help with orders.

British KGL Light Dragoons

Second British brigade of foot

French line lancer brigade

British light cavalry manoeuvre to meet the advancing enemy

The hamlet is quickly taken by the advancing troops

Lovely Perry plastics and metals combined to give a dynamic battalion over the fields.

Garrison formed - disordered turn 1 and then ready to rumble after that.

In they go on the British right flank

The French elect to form line and use their guns to try and inflict some damage however Phil
did not elect to use "Artillery Assault" due to a shortage of available adc's.

The British attempt an enveloping action on the flank

Another view as the rifles look to make a difference.  They didn't!

We mucked up the results of the melee and used the withdrawal of the beaten unit and supports
using the "Charge" section and not "Melee".  We will get better.

The mat looks quite good in my opinion.

The Brigade Commander looks to make a difference.

Great job on these guns from Cookie.

The cotton wool (borrowed from an adjoining 15mm game hence the smaller nature of the fibre!) is
used to denote a unit which has lost fire discipline and is no longer as effective as they could
be.  A great innovation designed to stop speculative fire which can waste time in any wargame.

A nice view of the figures on display

The KGL light cavalry get roughly handled by the lancers upon their return engagement.

The veteran leger regiment on the French left receives withering superior volleys from the British lines.

We had a wonderful time of it and have learnt a good deal on the rules and how and where we went wrong, which was surprisingly in only a few areas.  The system is a great one and certainly will be the set of choice for me going forward.

All I need to do now is mount some adc's on oval bases and some skirmishers on the same in small groups of three.