Monday, 6 January 2014

Napoleonics in focus in 2014

Elite Miniatures French destined for the Peninsular on the "recruiting" table

 Well Christmas and New Years have now come and gone and though not quite a resolution as such, I am determined for this year to be one where the focus is once again on Napoleonics - my first love in wargaming.

Had these chaps for ages waiting basing and active service on the
table - their time has come!

Like some wargamers I have a tendency to be at times distracted (not you of course dear reader - I am sure you have a steely focus and attention to the project at hand that I can only dream about!).  In the past twelve months I have played: Sudan, Ambush Alley Modern, SAGA, Beneath the Lily Banners Marlburian, American Civil War, Seven Years War, Ancients across a variety of theatres and periods and of course...Napoleonics.

However this is the year for some clever planning by Jove...and I just may, with a slight hesitation, be the man to do it!

Great set of rules which are really well supported on the
GdB forum by the good Dr Brown and team.
 My oldest son has been a gamer since quite young and though the second also dabbles it is the "Young Prince" (read:he who will inherit a hell of a lot of toy soldiers!!!)who needs some tuition in the historical battle of Grand Battalions we all know and love.  The rules of choice are to be General De Brigade which myself and my fellow gaming companions have used for many years at the NWS.

Though I already have quite a sizable collection of Napoleonic figurines from Perry, Front Rank, Calpe and Foundry I have elected to dust off the older Elite Miniatures figures I have and give them a bit of TLC for this particular mentoring project.  For one, they are delightful figures and massed together have a look that I am afraid 32 Perry's just do not seem to be able to muster.  Don't get me wrong, I still love my Perry's but this is a different approach for Ben which I hope to hook him on forever!

Elite Miniatures also have the added advantage of being in my humble opinion much sturdier than some figures and so should be able to handle the occasional "drop" or "fumble" on the table.  Lets hope so at least.

In addition I have started him on the smaller scale battles in the Peninsular so we can play some interesting actions over a wide variety of troop types and terrain using smaller forces than one would traditionally find in Central Europe or Russia during our period.

Chef De Battalion - lovely Elite figure.
In addition any extra figures can be easily acquired in Australia by my good friend "The Lonely Gamer" himself, Nathan.  If you have been under a rock or a Russian Gulag for the past twenty years and have not had a chance to visit his site then please do - you are in for a very special treat!

So on with the project - a bit more basing to be done, some more figures to paint and varnish and its off to the Iberia we go.  Hopefully I will be able to play French for a change!!!


  1. Carlo thank you for your kind words in regards to Elite Miniatures. I have a few more moulds arriving for the Russians and Polish in the next couple of weeks and then hopefully I will be expanding the 1796 collection series for us Lads in Australia.

    All the best and thank you again


    1. Thanks Nathan - are the Russians 1805 - ish?

  2. Sounds like a fine plan to me!

    1. Thanks G - lets see if we can stay focussed on it though - lol.

  3. Sounds like an excellent plan - especially using Elite Miniatures - I shall pay particular attention to this blog this year...
    Very best wishes for your project in 2014,

    1. Thanks JJ - Your site always inspires me mate and I hang out for every new post. Love the games you play with your mates. Cheers