Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Waterloo Battle Day - Part Two...

Napoleon, feeling well and in good form, and his entourage look on at events unfolding.

A few more shots in this instalment of the battle unfolding on both tables.

When would the Union Brigade be released?

Where were Milhauds' and Watiers' Cuirassiers?

Does Jacquinot realise that French light cavalry are as rare as hens teeth now that Grouchy has them all chasing Prussians?

Prussians...mmm...where are they?

Far away one hopes as long as you speak with an outrageous French accent!

Through the wheat fields towards the ridge line.

The Scots Greys.  Would this battle provide them with a chance to shine as they did historically?

Stalwarts and an old friend.  Life Members Dave and Mike welcome back Mike W for the day.  Great to see.

The Devil and his apprentice in action.  Phil and Young Alex look to break the British around La Haye Sainte.

Orders are written, received and , hopefully, acted upon.
We insisted on written orders denoting exact objectives, maps if necessary so that there could be no confusion over who was meant to do what, where and with whom.  Worked very well even though I had to be politely firm on occasions.

Advance scouts and staff from Milhaud look on as a courier flashes up from the rear HQ.

A view from one of Quiots Divisional Battalions under Charlets command.

Donzelots troops advance upon Bylandt 

A view from the British lines towards the French positions.

British Life Guards await orders to manouvre

The bombardment of La Haye takes it toll on both troops and bricks!

Not just Napoleonic's in the case but the entire eclectic view of what we game at the NWS.  Always popular
with the youngsters.

Hanoverian Foot artillery in support of Best's Brigade

The French continue their advance

Too nice not to include.  A Perry French farrier set takes care of some couriers horse shoes.

Cookies lovely French legere advance

Painted those French Wargames Foundry Artillery decades ago.  Good to see them on the table
again with some fresh supports!

Did I mention the Dutch Belgians were copping a heck of a lot of artillery fire?

Ponsonby and staff look to settle the matter on the Allied left.

Wellington, looking slightly fuzzy, looks on.  Lets face it, he was out
drinking and dancing the night before hadn't he?

The Union Brigade advance to try and settle the allied extreme left who are under intense pressure from the French.

Steadying the line...sturdy Scots and friends advance.

French columns hit the Dutch Belgians who, despite valiant efforts, fall back in disarray.

French everywhere move onwards towards the ridge line and victory.

27th Dutch Jagers prepare to make a stand.

Back at La Haye the woods are taken and the 2nd KGL Light battalion fights for every inch of ground.

French artillery continue to pound the allied lines.

Wellington looks on from under his tree, looking slightly worse for wear
due to artillery fire and slow curing pva white glue!

A French courier arrives in advance of Jacquinots Light Cavalry Division.  Help is on the way.
Here ends part two of the reporting of the day.

More to follow gentle folks later in the week.

Very best wishes.


  1. Replies
    1. Thnaks Stephen. I have been very much enjoying going through your blog as well mate.

  2. Absolutely love the vignettes, the Union Brigade and the LHS building, well done. Part 3 of our Waterloo blog will soon be on the streets

    1. Thanks Chris - still logging onto your blog for inspiration every chance I get.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Peter, greatly appreciated.

  4. Splendifierous! And I can't help but agree with Chris Gregg's comment regarding all the vignettes - inspirational.

    I trust that there are many more parts to come equally chocked full of photographs.

    von Peter himself

    1. But of course my dear Von Peter, of course! Quite a few shots to follow including some special dignatries and some interesting tales from visitors, most of whom were NOT at the actual battle!

  5. It was a pity we didn't have the opportunity to compare phases of our two games or do some photo shoots of units that appeared in both games (The Greys and Nassau are obvious examples). It also would have been amazing to have had a 6mm game going represent Warve to Waterloo. Things to plan for the 300th anniversary, although the 250th is just possible.

    Great day!

    1. We still could do it that Mark as it would be fascinating. Might have to leave the 250th to the boys!