Sunday, 6 March 2016

"Fuzzy Wuzzy" reinforcements are based - finally!


Ready for action these Connoisseur Fuzzy Wuzzies storm down the slopes!

"We fought with many men across the seas,
An some of em'was brave and some was not:
The Pathan an'the Zulu an'Burmese:
But the Fuzzy was the finest o' the lot."

After what seemed an eternity I finally managed to get my elf organised and away from other projects to reinvigorate the Sudan collection.  This is a constantly moving feast for me with many figures awaiting painting, basing and/or replacing or touching up.

These particular fellows are from the wonderful Peter Gilder designed Connoisseur Sudan range from the shelves of Bicorne Miniatures

The lads en masse
For anyone who has played the rules in the old Wargames Holiday Centre days or who has indeed purchased a copy of the rules recently, one knows that you go through the Ansar, Hadendowah and Fuzzy Wuzzies at a potential rate of knots.

Though it is very, very easy to recycle them through, I do like to have some massed formations available for games with friends purely for "dramatic effect"! 

As always, these are based seven to ten figures a base as originally detailed from Peter Gilder in order to get maximum bang for your buck.   No matter how many figures care actually on the base, they still represent 100 men or ten figures.

With such big formations possible in these games, the ability to move 80 figures with the push of only eight bases is a wonderful time saver!

Roughish painting style but effective enough in large numbers
Hopefully soon I will be able to post the latest units including a refreshed Naval Brigade and the Royal Marine Light Infantry resplendant in their new uniform and a newly commissioned Commanding Office.

Never toss out the front door mat if you can help it.  It always comes in handy!
 As a reminder we still have some sets of the rules available from the last run and will be setting off for another major Third print run in April or May.

I also will make every effort to start to post a couple of small scenarios to be played through and get some feedback from before the major publication of the Campaign rules and a scenario book later on.

This post is one lifted from my other "Pyjamas through the Desert"  blog which is dedicated to the Peter Gilder rules from the WHC which were never published and have now been printed as The Sands of Sudan.  Pop over if you would like to have a look.
Until next time.


  1. Nice work on the rebasing. I also prefer the use of multi-fig bases.

    1. Thank you Dean - it certainly makes it mch easier to move figures.

  2. Really nice Carlo, they look great all based up!

    1. Thanks Paul - it only took a year! How hopeless however I am able to be distracted easily!

  3. Very good looking wild fuzzy chaps . I don't call that painting "roughish" at all.

    1. You are very kind Chris-,much appreciated.

  4. Blimey Carlo, I can even see the whites of their eyes.
    Superb painting and basing.

    1. Thank you Pat - those lads at DPS did a wonderful job on these figures for me mate.