Sunday, 22 April 2018

Russian 1805 Smolensk Musketeer Battalion nearing completion

With standards in hand the Smolensk Regiment looks quite the part.

A blast of work related activity and some additional business trips recently have made posting new entries a bit of a tough task.  However over a few hours on the weekend I managed to 99% complete the final details on a battalion that was painted for me many years ago by Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia.

I have now started to work on the next formations of the Russian contingent and that starts with the Smolensk Musketeer Battalion and its attached Grenadier Battalion.  As mentioned above, thee figures have been awaiting some re-basing for a while.  I very much love Nathans style of painting and have desperately tried to replicate it for addition units within my force, never with the total satisfaction and success that I would like.  He is an excellent and stylish painter of these wonderful figures.

A few detailed shots of the stands as they appear in line formation.

The early ranges by Peter Moreby of the Russians, French, Austrians and Prussians are favourites of mine.

I do particularly like the infantryman in fatigue cap.

Clan and crisp painting from Nathan

Quite a bit of activity on the workbench behind this particular unit as you can see

More of Nathans work.  I am trying to paint the Officer figure as an exact copy to add to a Cavalry Brigade
Commanders base for General D'Armee

This will need a coat of varnish and then the Grenadier battalion from the same regiment will be completed over the next week or so.  I now need to get these lads on the table or a small game and see how they fight as the rest of the 1805-07 project continues.

Poorly lit photo however it does show the battalion and all its Russian determination!!

I am currently sorting through the composition of a few Russian Command stands as well as preparing to send of a fair few Elite Miniatures Austrians away to be painted for me as my current time at the painting table is very much tightening as work loads start to increase once again.

Until next time.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Greg. Hope you are keeping well mate.

  2. Lovely looking animated Russian unit and great looking Austrian cavalry!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you very much Iain. The Russian infantryfrom Elite are lovely figures and those Russian Garde Cavalty, though in white similar to the Austrians, are also a wonderful figure as well though as I always state, I wish Peter had a few more variations in his trooper poses.

  3. Very nice! Love the battle-hardened look of this unit.

    1. Thanks Dean - those Russians always have a stoic look about them that's or sure.

  4. Those do seem painted rather well. 😀

    1. I would have to agree Stew. I desperately try and get Nathan to paint the occasional fresh unit for me however he is a very busy man these days.