Friday, 14 February 2014

Big Boys Toys

From the archives...way back when.

As one tends to do when travelling I was awaiting a flight and started to go through some old folders of photographs and happened across the Big Boys Toys Exhibition held a few years back which the NWS decided to take part in.  Like most wargaming clubs around the world we are eternally bound to the creed of "promoting wargaming in Western Australia" in any way we can.

This often includes the purchase of and donation of books on the hobby to various libraries around the city etc.

The boys and a few sons setting up the display case

Nice view of Cookies and Martins French - nearly all Elite Miniatures.

British Cavalry hell bent on destruction...whose is yet to be determined.

Saxon Grenadiers in illustrious company - French Guard Chasseurs
 and Grenadiers.  Figures from Elite and Front Rank

The French advance

Foundry Hussars and British with a scattering of Elites - lovely
 hedges from the hand of the "Lonely Gamer" himself Nathan!

Mike and Cookie heavily "recruiting".

If memory serves we were painting and flocking these tiles the night before.

French in square - those British cavalry must have been in the neighbourhood.

Preparations on the morning.  Those young men in the picture are now studying for
Doctorates and Degrees these days - how time flies!

This was a great exhibition for showing off the hobby.  Not sure we generated any new members however the project was good fun and people couldn't believe that all those miniatures were hand painted.

Now doesn't that sound familiar?


  1. Nice reminisce, and yes, it does sound familiar! :-)

    Good show on the young fellows pursuing their education, even if makes us feel old. Historical Wargaming isn't a hobby for the intellectually lazy!

  2. Lovely table Carlo and those Elites look fantastic...great stuff