Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Empires, Eagles and Lions - Introducing "The White Menace"

Front cover of E, E & L May /June issue of 1987.
For wargamers of a certain vintage a visit to the local wargaming shop was always one of avid anticipation.  For me planning a train trip to the city after school to dart off and visit Simulations in Cremorne Arcade near the Cinemas was an all day excitement buzz.  Getting there and looking about, spending my hard earned pocket money and getting back to Midland and home before training was always great fun.

On one occasion I came across these old looking, manila coloured journals published by RAFM out of Canada full of interesting articles and references to Napoleonics.  What really caught my eye however were the wonderful re fights depicted in the journals, ,many of which were beautifully illustrated by the wonderfully talented Mike Gilbert.

Rear Cover of the same issue
Full of great humour they were a young wargaming boys Sunday funnies if truth be told.

At present I am cleaning some of mine and gaming buddy Steve's spare and surplus copies of EEL on eBay and whilst listing came across this old favourite illustration on the front and back covers of the journal.

The White Menace, the club Austrian player, being heavily pursued by all and sundry of the french led by Jean Lochet and Tom Devoe amongst others...as well as the ADC a cat "ack... ack" I can still hear them cry!!!


Mike Gilbert at his best!  Still call my boys the White Menace whenever I have Austrians on the field.


  1. Ah yes, I subscribed to EEL for many a year. Wasn't it Mark Raiff (? spelling) who habitually commanded the Menace"? Still have my copies in the basement; dangerous to leaf through them as I can easily get distracted for a few hours by doing so!

  2. I hear you G - still love the old battle reports and amazingly diverse range of articles. Remember Jeans wife's cooking recipes. Chicken Marengo anyone?

  3. We did "Poulet a la Marengo" accompanied by Chambertin wine for an "Emperor's Coronation" day game on Dec 2 one year! We don't have enough free time for that any more, but maybe again after retirement!

  4. I have loads of these as well, great stuff and very dangerous as I will get sidetracked and might actually finish basing my 40 battalions of Austrians.

    1. Tell me about it Scotty - trying to get Claparedes Division complete straight out of thoise fantastic "Friday Night at the Fights"!! Keep on finding interesting items to read!!!