Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Battle for Balina Allegra - GdB Peninsular

Action in the Peninsular as Crauford and Ney engage around the Abbey of Mendosa.
 Following a few months of preparation the day arrived at the NWS for young Ben to get his first introduction to Napoleonic Wargaming General De Brigade style!  The first gaming day at the new club venue was to prove the perfect opportunity to blood some fresh units, familiarise ourselves with the rules again and to see if this particular brand of gaming appealed to the young heir apparent.

President Mike provided some initial help in dispositions and stategy -
all of which changed shortly after he returned to his own game!

Simple scenario - Wellington has dispatched Crauford to hold up the lead elements of Neys corps from pushing through Balina Allegra (I know, I know - silly name but once again blame President Mike who does yield enormous power at the club!!!).

A combined reinforced Division of French and Italians plus a brigade of Dragoons have been ordered to capture the town made famous for the Abbey of Mendossa.

We decided yo use the Fog of War cards as depicted in the rules so as to add to the deployment strategies for both sides.

French Card
British Fog of War - each card can be used to represent up to two brigade units.

The Abbey of Mendossa - made famous for its fine olive oil and fermented cheese.

...and with the deployment Fog of War cards removed and units in their place.
 The battle was also the first opportunity to get nearly all of my French out since tarting up and re basing as well as quite a few of the British and Portuguese units.  Nearly all the figures were Elite Miniatures from the mighty Nathan Vinson collected over many, many years.

The Italian Brigade prepare to support Maucunes attack on the village.

Another view from the Portuguese Brigades position within the town.

The French Brigade approach from the north as skirmishers prepare to clear
the woods of some tough Cacadores.

French columns looking quite menacing as they approach.
 The French assault on Balina Allegra is initially successful as all three columns hit and the Portuguese falter and are repulsed from the town.  However the French fail their formation test and are unable to enter the town allowing the Portuguese reserve brigade to retake the village easily whilst their compatriots attempt to rally.

"...get back in that village the double!".

Moss' Royal Horse Artillery prepare to introduce themselves to some Italians!

Nice Front Rank Portuguese General and ADC with an Elite Dragoon Officer attached for
liaison purposes no doubt.

Towards the centre and left flank the Highland Light Infantry
 (acting in place of the 52nd who are yet to be completed) observe the
Dragoons attempting to place pressure on the extreme left of the line.

French Dragoons feeling quite confident despite their poor mounts and the opposition
 being only skirmishers and Portuguese Artillery - "what can go wrong Mon Ami?". 

The newly arrived and based 95th Rifles break out into skirmish formation - very effective!!

The Italians continue their advance despite their skirmisher screen copping an absolute hiding!
 Some more photographs and the battles conclusion during the is a sorry tale if you have a French leaning let me assure you!


  1. Great photos. The Portuguese look great - I have two battalions of Elite Portuguese waiting to be painted. Great inspiration there.

    1. Thanks Brian - appreciate the comments mate. Didn't quite get those KGL Dragoons finished - maybe next time!


  2. Great looking game and marvellous photography Carlo.

    Thanks for the warning, I'll avoid part two...!!! :)

    1. We have a few moments James however it all ends in tears!

  3. Another inspiring set of photographs Carlo. Many thanks.

    It would appear that the young heir apparent Ben has had a successful day at the table. Good for him. If he's anything like The son & heir over here then he will be a jammy git with the dice which allows him to best his betters and their superior tactics and cunning strategms!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

    1. Thanks Peter and you may be close to the Mark in terms of the Young Ben being good with his dice however unfortunately his father was WOEFUL with them! However to be honest the result with him enjoying the game, and his fathers misfortunes, so much meant I was the real winner. Few more games upstairs methinks.

  4. Looks great, and if possible one should lose to one's son... in their first few outings anyway!


    1. Couldn't agree more Peter - hopefully the first of many battles with him and his brother for years to come over the fields of Europe - albeit miniature ones.

  5. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for visiting Michael. It was a game that I needed to have as I had been busy for the most part of this year getting figures based, painted, generally tidied up etc. and the chance to get them out and have a fun, relaxed day with the boy was great. Makes it all worthwhile as they say.

  7. Fantastic game Carlo and a joy to see all the Elite Miniatures in the table. Good to see the 95th got a run as well. Any chance you might be able to take a few images of the lads in a close formation?



  8. Hi Nathan and welcome back. Will take care of it this mate and dart them off to you ASAP. Mope you had a great time. The game was so much fun and Benny Boy loved his fathers misfortune on the field of battle immensely!

  9. Good to hear Ben loved the game...your rolling sounds much like mine.....loads of low dice. Still here in Fiji till Sunday and missing painting and gaming.



    1. Hey Nathan - thanks for the call today and hope the cyclone allows a safe and no doubt quick trip back home. Ben loved it mate and may well be hooked! Let's hope. Cheers

  10. Great looking game, love the Portuguese and Italians - I have soft spot for both - more please!
    Best wishes
    Jeremy JJ

    1. Thanks JJ - more on the way mate. Just for you and me:-)