Thursday, 13 October 2016

Big Red Bat Gridded Mats

Our new Sagebrush 8 x 4 150 mm gridded playing mat.
Just a quick post to show the difference in the wonderful Deep Cut Studios playing mats that are available through Simon Millers blog and web store.  Steve Y and I both went and ordered the sage brush mat above so we can use it through the campaigns of Alexander and his Successors as well as Late Romans in the East v Sassanid's etc.  I had already ordered the plains mat we have been using in our previous games.  I have to admit to loving them both!

Our plains mat.

As you can see they are distinctly different and I think look fantastic.  The pictures are taken on different gaming evenings but in the same hall position with the same light to show to anyone contemplating a purchase how they both look with figures on them.

If you are interested in grabbing them they are available through Simons excellent blog's store  BigRedBat's Shop

I am not on commission I assure you however I am a massive fan of his rules, his products. his support for his rule system, his overall professionalism and his generosity of spirit and affection for our wonderful hobby.

I will be posting a few shots in the next week detailing the latest fight between the Sassanid Persians and their Roman oppressors.

Good luck to all.


  1. Simon's definitely one of the good guys!


  2. Although I'll stick with my home made ones, both mats look superb. Obviously, I agree re: TTS and Simon!

    1. I like your mat as well Peter. These ones from Simon are so easy to use.