Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Sassanid Persians v Byzantines TtS

Two commands there folks - bloody expensive these elaborate cavalry units you know.

 It was time for a revenge game.

You may recall dear reader that the last time I took on the Mighty Steve with his newly acquired ex-Martin collection of Early Byzantines, I was given a good old fashioned thumping!

Capital T - THUMPING!!!

It was time for me to stop experimenting with the list and my false sense of tactical ability and play to the strength of the army which is good cavalry and a few Elephants for good measure.

We both made up 130 point lists for our game last night and what was surprising was just how little you get for that in a Persian Army.  Steve asked me on more than one occasion whether I had gotten mixed up in my composition however the TtS OOB Generator is always an accurate measure for Luddites such as myself.

The Central command

The left flank was entrusted to these few...the unhappy few...

A smallish command however full of good stuff

The bad guys deploy opposite

Lots of bow armed cavalry and light horse here

My universal ancient carts - ideal for every third camp in any scenario and a fine holder of ammunition chits

Its very lonely on the extreme flank of an army when you are only armed with a flimsy bow and a few crooked arrows

A nice view of my empty chair here folks - position A one would suggest for what is about to unfold

Byzantine Foot and bow

A few nifty manouvers and the heavy lads are on the move

Into those cavalry as quick as possible...who promptly evade

However we maintain the pursuit

On the left and centre action is entered into quickly

Byzantine bow fire is effective early in the piece as is the Sassanid fire

Steve's cavalry ride off and force the lights to evade.  Persian skirmishers occupy the rocky outcrop and a lone Persian Bow unit unleashes a torrent of missile fire ahead at the enemy

Byzantine cavalry have destroyed the Persians and a unit of Zhendayan cataphracts has been forced to turn to meet the threat

The Persian light horse are doing exactly what I need them to do - survive!

On the right the Persian advance continues unabated

However the evading of the enemy cavalry is slightly frustrating

The bow are now destroyed and the lights in the rough are isolated

The Persians are scattered however holding on across all fronts - only three victory medals left

Finally the elephants catch their tormentors - however the fatal blow cannot be delivered

Perhaps a light infantry speed hump

On the left the Cataphracts are up against it...but surviving

Having destroyed the Byzantine deep spear unit attention now turns to the other unit of foot with general.  A rearming of lances, a charge into the lads and the battle is won.  Victory for the King of Kings Carlo I.
...and there was much rejoicing!

Great game, great bloke to play against and most importantly a lot of laughs.


  1. Two wonderful looking armies...and baggage! Looks great...

  2. A lovely looking game Carlo...
    I do like the Sassanids.

    All the best. Aly

  3. Carlo! This pair of armies is gorgeous! What size are your grids and bases? And, what is the bucket of M&Ms?

    1. Thankyou Jonathon. The grids are 150mm and the bases are 120mm. The bucket of M&m’s are Steve’s chit bucket.

  4. Great looking armies a,fun sounding game,I guess the M&M pot is where your opponent kept his ammunition chits?
    Best Iain

    1. Absolutely correct Iain. Thank you very much

  5. Beaut looking game Carlo and most colourful armies.

  6. A lovely looking game Carlo!Great report!

    1. Thank you Sergey and I’m glad you enjoyed the report.

  7. Congrats to the King of Kings; I was skeptical you had enough units to hang on for the win!